Shooting My First Studio Campaign

Back in February of this year, I had the chance to photograph my first studio campaign for League of Rebels, a menswear store based In Austin, TX. I was working for the brand on retainer for a few months, photographing products for e-commerce and social media purposes. I was approached by the owner to photographer a new line of suits and shirts for their Spring and Summer launch. This shoot marked my first studio campaign, working with a single model on white but finding ways to show the personalities of the individual suits.

Although I’ve worked with talent before, I never had the chance to work with a professional model In a studio setting. It was such a great experience as I was able to really focus on how to light and direct the feeling and emotion of the shoot whereas I’m used to also focusing on posing the models.

I was able to direct the model by saying things like “now let me have you look away toward the ground with a slight laugh,” and we would cycle through that particular direction for a bit. He knew exactly what I was looking for, so after a few minutes of rotating through his poses while also knowing his angles, we get something like this.

I learned a lot while working on this set for a couple hours. I spent the first hour setting up the lights, backdrop and my camera. We shot for about an hour and a half and got both photo and video with around 8 different looks. This was quite a lot to achieve In such a short time frame, but the model and I found our rhythm really quickly. I had a moodboard to show him and he picked up pretty much immediately the feel I was going for. The most Important thing In my opinion, especially on a fast paced shoot (all shoots seem to be fast paced these days) Is to make sure there’s a synergy between the photographer and the model(s). Some of my favorite shots to this day came out of this shoot, and I’m glad I learned so much from It.

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